[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: Problems encoding H264 with a MP4 / MOV container with ffmpeg

Bill May wmay
Fri Jun 17 19:01:02 CEST 2005

Erik Slagter wrote:
>>Actually, with x264, you do not need significantly more power than
>>with ffmpeg - it's probably a factor of 2, rather than more than that.
> Huh? ffmpeg is using x264 for h264 encoding. Or do you actually mean
> mpeg4 here?

ffmpeg with mpeg-4.

> On the complete same machine I can encode to mpeg4 720x576 in realtime
> (+audio and filtering). Using h264 that goes down to 360x288 (x4
> slowdown!), not quite usable. I hope that's not inherent to the encoder!

H.264 is a lot more CPU intensive.  The fact that we can do live encoding
at all (even at CIF) so soon after the spec is "finalized" is pretty
amazing.  With mpeg-4, it took many more years.


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