[Ffmpeg-devel] Seeking on a live stream

Måns Rullgård mru
Sat Jun 18 11:55:35 CEST 2005

Andy Parkins <andyparkins at gmail.com> writes:

> On Friday 17 June 2005 21:37, Erik Slagter wrote:
>> Then I'd suggest mpeg transport stream, although it seems the streams
>> ffmpeg generates are not 100% standard. Mplayer plays them fine, so your
>> app should be able as well one way or the other.
> That's interesting - can I use mpegts even for mpeg4?  Looking through the 
> source, the mpegts long description says mpeg2 transport stream.  Being 
> non-standard isn't a major problem - I'm using libavcodec/avformat to play 
> them back anyway, so presumable it makes files that it can read itself :-)

The format is called MPEG2 Transport Stream.  The MPEG2 standard was
amended to allow use MPEG4 video elementary streams.  It's as standard
as anything.

M?ns Rullg?rd
mru at inprovide.com

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