[Ffmpeg-devel] Apple h264 compatibility

Diego Biurrun diego
Mon Jun 20 00:15:58 CEST 2005

On Sun, Jun 19, 2005 at 05:06:07PM -0400, Rich Felker wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 19, 2005 at 09:36:20PM +0200, Diego Biurrun wrote:
> > 
> > Make sure to doublecheck.  framedrop=yes is in the default configuration
> > file.
> Since when does MPlayer have a default config file??
> If there is such a thing (this is news to me..) framedrop=yes should
> NOT be in it!!


## Other (preferred to be default from configfile) switches
# Drop frames to preserve audio/video sync.
framedrop 	= yes

Feel free to change it then ;)

I was under the impression that make install copied this config file
somewhere, I just verified it does not.  Well, I never make install, no
wonder I was wrong ;)


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