[Ffmpeg-devel] Apple h264 compatibility

Jeff Clagg snacky
Mon Jun 20 01:28:20 CEST 2005

On Mon, Jun 20, 2005 at 01:34:46AM +0200, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> > I'm not sure it's correct that it's in the default config; in any case I
> > don't have it enabled. Just to be helpful, I'm providing a clip that
> > should be very good at crashing when framedropping takes place:
> > http://ikaruga.co.uk/~snacky/wastecpu.avi (6.8MB). In the unlikely event
> > that your computer can decode this at full speed, try -speed 100.
> should be fixed

Thanks, this does prevent crashing. mplayer is still dropping B-frames,
though, with the result that you get messages like:

[h264 @ 0x85ae700]error, NO frame
Error while decoding frame!

It appears to me that this occurs once for each dropped frame. I've
gotten contradictory suggestions about whether the unwanted framedropping
is ffmpeg's fault, or mplayer's fault.

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