[Ffmpeg-devel] Speex proposed addition to ffmpeg and suggestions

Dario Andrade dario
Fri Jun 24 21:14:07 CEST 2005

Hi Michael,

> A NULL buffer to avcodec_decode_video requests the codec to output
> delayed frames (e.g. after a IBP in presentation order, thus IPB in
> stream order, decode returns image[the I]/nothing/image[the B] then you
> have to call decode again with a null buffer to get the P. I dont know
> what a NULL buffer is supposed to mean to an audio codec. But its no big
> issue to me, since AAMOF I take great care there is no lost frame in any
> of my files!

Yes, in files you may say so, but speex is more useful in voip
communications... so this frame interpolation becomes essencial.

> >
> > Anyway, I've attached my version, which may contain errors.
> > Along with speex.c,
> Which one gets from www.speex.org I guess, but which version?

> > one should add:
> >
> > -=-=-=-=-=-=--=
> Could you please repost this as a 'cvs diff -du', *attached*? Also, some
> usage eaxmples; esp. when using -acodec speex, what format (ogg?) and
> what are recommended or mandatory parameters, like sample rate, is
> stereo allowed, range of bitrates,...
Now you can get the latest speex source (I believe it's 1.1.10) from
xiph.org (including svn). There was a bug in the speex_decode_close
(deallocation) function in speex.c file I've handled to you.

I will prepare the diff and attach a new version as soon as possible.

Anyway, about the file formats and so, speex has ogg compatiblity (as it is
one of their clan), but I am trying my best to avoid this.

When I first wrote the wrapper, I could perfectly write to/from wav
pcm<->speex files using ffmpeg.c, but now with latest ffmpeg cvs, it seems
that ffmpeg.c is complaining about it (it is calling avcodec_decode_audio
with null parameters).

If you use it as API, everything works fine.

I'll be back with news about it.


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