[Ffmpeg-devel] watermark vhook and -vcodec copy

Marcus Engene ffmpeg
Wed Jun 29 13:47:07 CEST 2005

Marcus Engene wrote:

>> Nonsense maybe... I am aware they are mutually exclusive. What I was
>> implying is that copying video frames takes place but for a set
>> duration/number of frames, vhook is invoked. I.e. encoding.
>> I think a combination of -ss an -t will get me where I need to be.
>> Chris  
> Hi Chris,
> If you are not concerned with cpu consumption there is another way.
> The watermark image decoding follows Martin B?hmes excellent guide and 
> should (as in: is not thoroughly tested) be able to use a video stream 
> for watermark instead of a static image. You could try to generate a 
> video stream with the watermark and after X seconds you tone the whole 
> frame to gray (#808080) and it won't affect the output anymore.
> Best regards,
> Marcus

Or you can use the new -c flag.

Would somebody be kind enough to apply?


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