[Ffmpeg-devel] Determining Frame Errors

Ian McIntosh ianm
Mon Nov 14 10:21:12 CET 2005


I think this is the correct forum for this question. If not, I apologise for
the noise.

I would like to know how to determine whether a decoded frame has errors.
I am specifically decoding mpeg2 and know there are sometimes errors in
the source stream. I can see the error logs from the decoder being printed
to the screen and can also (visually) see errors in the resulting frame, but
I would
like to know that a frame contains an error before deciding whether or
not to display it. Looking through the source I could only find a reference
to an error_count in the MpegEncContext structure, which could be used
for my purposes......however this structure is private.

Is there some way or flag used to determine if a decoded frame
contains errors? Or is there a way I can determine that a frame
contains errors ?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

(I have a feeling that I have definately missed something,
so if the answer is obvious, again sorry for the noise)


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