[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: How to encode videos usinglibavcodec/libavformatDLLs?

Lars Blumberg Lars.Blumberg
Fri Nov 25 19:23:49 CET 2005

Thanks Martin,

that helps a lot to test my code!

Best regards


"Martin Boehme" <boehme at inb.uni-luebeck.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
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Hi Lars,

> I want to use the libavcodec/libavformat DLLs to encode a video/sound 
> stream. Therefore I want to put every single frame into the stream. Is 
> there any place where I can find some information about how to do that, 
> may be a sample application, tutorial or something like that? I am 
> programming with Delphi, but I guess als VC++ or VB code would be 
> helpfull. I want to load the DLLs dynamically into the application. Thanks 
> for any comments.

Try output_example.c (included in the FFmpeg distribution). That's a
pretty accessible example of how to output video and audio streams.


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