[Ffmpeg-devel] Force Baseline Profile for x264 in ffmpeg

Tyler Loch TylerL82
Sat Nov 26 05:24:58 CET 2005

I'm trying to build ffmpeg with x264 support in order to compress files to
Baseline Profile H.264 for iPod.

The HandBrake community added the following two lines in the x264enc.c
file to force x264/libavcodec to output Baseline:

        param.b_cabac     = 0;
        param.i_level_idc = 13;

I've added similar lines in ffmpeg/libavcodec/x264.c and managed to get
ffmpeg to output what looks to be baseline video:

    x4->params.b_cabac = 0;
    x4->params.i_level_idc = 13;

After a quick muxing with MP4Box, iTunes recognizes the file and passes
it to the iPod...but the iPod only plays the video's KEYFRAMES. I'm kinda lost
as to what's happening to the pframes. (bframes are set to 0).

Are there any other tweaks to be made to x264.c in
order to force baseline profile?

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