[Ffmpeg-devel] Problem with returned AVCodecContext

Ahmad Zaidee bin Abu zaidee
Mon Oct 3 15:32:51 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I'm quite beginner with ffmpeg. I have some problems with AVCodecContext.

I'm using C++ .Net with libavcodec/libavformat CVS 09/29/05.

In main() i do

//FFMPEG Initialization

// Register all formats and codecs




(have to do avcodec_init & avcodec_register_all, otherwise codec not found)

AVCodecContext *CodecContext; //=NULL;

AVFrame *Picture;

CreateH263Decoder(CodecContext, Picture);


I used 3 functions as below:

int CreateH263Decoder(AVCodecContext *c, AVFrame *picture)


AVCodec *codec; 

/* find the h263 video decoder */

codec = avcodec_find_decoder(CODEC_ID_H263); 

if (!codec) {

// Codec NOT Found

return H263_NOT_FOUND; //my own error / success detection macro


c = avcodec_alloc_context();

picture= avcodec_alloc_frame();

if (!picture)


return H263_NO_MEMORY_FOR_BUFFERS; //my own error / success detection macro


/* open it */

if (avcodec_open(c, codec) < 0) {

//Open Failed!

return H263_OPEN_FAIL; //my own error / success detection macro


return H263_OK; // return ok if successful.


int DecodeH263(AVCodecContext *c, AVFrame *picture, unsigned char *videobuffer, int buffsize)


int got_picture, len;

len = avcodec_decode_video(c, picture, &got_picture, videobuffer, buffsize);

if (got_picture)


return H263_OK;







void DestroyH263Decoder(AVCodecContext *c, AVFrame *picture) {

//Close & free context and free picture (frame)





When I call CreateH263Decoder, AVCodecContext reurn NULL (0). When i trace inside the function,

the value of "c" before return H263_OK;  are as expected, but value of "CodecContext" in main are not as I expected.

What could be the problem? Did I miss anything.

Thank you.


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