[Ffmpeg-devel] Reading a yuv file and performing h263 encode with ffmpeg

Munawar Hafiz munawar.hafiz
Thu Oct 6 00:04:02 CEST 2005

 I want to use ffmpeg to do MPEG4 encoding of a file which contains YUV

I saw the libavcodec/apiexample.c of ffmpeg.

They have there an example of encoding a YUV picture which they
generate in the code itself (in apiexample.c in video_encode_example()
method they
builld an AVFrame called picture from memory).
 Now, libavformat/avformat.h defines a method (av_open_input_file ) to open
a file and probe it thereby packing the ffmpeg specific information. I tried
to open a yuv file with this method but I am getting errors. I tried to do
reverse engineereing and to learn the code, I failed.

Right now, All I want to do is read a yuv file and build from it the AVFrame

Any idea ? Is there some example / a simple app doing it?

Thanks in advance
 Munawar Hafiz
grad student

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