[Ffmpeg-devel] Q: avformat.dll + delphi = trouble in avcodec_encode_video

Зинец Виктор mail
Thu Oct 6 12:09:33 CEST 2005

hi all

Beginner need your help in subject :(

I try to use avformat.dll in delphi-project; I have converted all necessary
header files ( .h) and ported output-example.c

All work (i try to create mpeg/avi file, with mp3 all work fine) until this

  out_size := avcodec_encode_video (c, video_outbuf, 100000, picture);  //
c, video_outbuf, picture initialized and filled

error message - "Invalid floating point operation"

How i compile - ./configure --enable-memalign-hack --enable-shared (in msys
+ mingw)

I have found out that the error occurs in file 'libavcodec\eval.c',
particularly in function

static double evalPrimary(Parser *p){
  double d, d2=NAN; <- ERROR AFTER THAT, NAN defined as 0F / 0F in <math.h>

Decoding work fine, encoding sounds work fine - but encoding video (all
formats) dont work :(

Any help is usefull

wbr, Victor

p.s. sorry for my simple english

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