[Ffmpeg-devel] SMPTE VC-1 Decoder For FFmpeg

Mike Melanson mike
Fri Oct 7 18:20:23 CEST 2005

matthieu castet wrote:
> The reference decoder is very slow, with my athon xp 1800+, some frame 
> take near one second to decode...
> So I believe people still want native decoder...

	The reference decoder decodes 640x480 WMV9 material in realtime on my 
AMD64 (3400+) but I know in principle that we need the open source 
decoder. To that end...

> I don't know how you plan to implement native decoder (RE with English 

	That's the way I usually do it (RE -> English and then re-implement). I 
already have several hundred lines written, mostly for the 
initialization. I have started with the primary decoding as well, 
including CBP prediction (which I have never seen before).

	In fact, writing this English language spec is what inspired me to 
ponder on my blog about a compiler that could actually compile the spec 

> spec ?), but may be some distributed RE via a wiki (I don't remember the 
> link, but some people already do that for RE the wifi broadcom mips 
> binary driver) could be interesting.

	This sounds interesting. How could we structure such a Wiki? I actually 
set up my first Wiki last night on my own site, but for a completely 
frivolous project. Setting up the MediaWiki software is ridiculously 

	-Mike Melanson

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