[Ffmpeg-devel] Enhanced FLIC Decoder

Steven Johnson mplayer
Fri Oct 7 08:28:33 CEST 2005

Hi All,

Attached is my first patch against FFMPEG.

It provides for support of 15bpp FLX files (as generated) by Ulead Media 
Studio Pro, and probably other programs.
It provides for support of the 15bpp/16bpp better compressed FLX files, 
with the extensions created by Daves Targa Animator [DTA] (a program 
from the early 90's).

Ive tested it against FLX's from Ulead.  And FLX with DTA extensions 
from EGI V4.00. (The only current programs I know that generate these 

The next step, after this is accepted is to integrate encoding of 
FLC(8Bpp), FLX (15Bpp), FLX+DTA(15/16/24Bpp) files.

Why would one do this.  Well its not the worlds best codec, thats for 
sure.  But it is very easy to implement decoders.  Those decoders 
require very little in the way of CPU performance, and so it is an ideal 
format for small embedded systems with small resolution LCD/LED Displays 
(Where i primarily use them).  Also, at 24Bpp it is a very fast (but 
somewhat compressed) Lossless codec.  Also FLC/FLX Excels with cartoon 
style animation, where there are large chunks of the same colour, and it 
doesnt introduce any noise artifacts at edges, for these types of files.

Note, I havent implemented 24Bpp in the Decoder yet, because i havent 
ever seen a 24Bpp FLX.  But the FLX format supports it, so when i do the 
encoder, ill implement it then.

Ive read the MPlayer document on patches, and i believe mine complies 
with the requirements.

Comments appreciated.

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