[Ffmpeg-devel] specific codec question

Rich Felker dalias
Thu Oct 13 01:24:57 CEST 2005

On Wed, Oct 12, 2005 at 02:21:28PM -0600, Mike Melanson wrote:
> Rich Felker wrote:
> >This isn't a codec matter but a container one. As long as your
> >container supports arbitrary timestamp increments you can do it with
> >whatever codec you like.
> 	This can also be solved reasonably well at the codec layer with an 
> algorithm that has very low overhead for a frame that has not changed 
> since the previous frame (like 1 byte with a code to indicate such a 
> condition, or even no bytes to indicate no change). I have been 
> experimenting with such a concept to apply to certain 
> low-change/high-framerate domains:

"No bytes" can't happen at the codec level, only at the container
level. :)

Anyway this method is interesting and I'm sure useful in some
situations, but the main problem is that it fails to provide any cpu
load relief when there's no change. As long as a 'new frame' is
decoded, it has to be filtered and blitted, which takes a lot of time.


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