[Ffmpeg-devel] Keyframe Problems

Colin Ward lists
Fri Oct 21 01:50:05 CEST 2005

  Hi everyone.

  I am having some strange problems with FFMPEG that I just can't figure
out.  For many of my videos I am getting the following warning when I play

  "warning: first frame is no keyframe"

  I never used to get this and it has only appeared since I upgraded to the
latest version of FFMPEG.  It results not only in this message being
displayed but in no frames being displayed for the first second or so of
most videos (presumably until a keyframe *is* detected).  I have done quite
a bit of hunting but my knowledge of FFMPEG just isn't deep enough to
figure this out.  Does anyone have any ideas?

  BTW, I don't think that the warning is caused by my videos not having a
keyframe at the start because it happens with many videos of different
formats (especially MPEG and MOV format) that I have downloaded from the
Internet, and these videos play back just fine under MPlayer and Windows
Media Player.

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