[Ffmpeg-devel] switch to svn

Luca Barbato lu_zero
Mon Oct 24 17:29:49 CEST 2005

Stepping, Michael (Web.de) wrote:
> biggest disadvantage is:

> Additionally, the "rename" function is not really a "rename". It is a
> "delete" and consecutive "add". The history of the file is interrupted.

the mv function is a bit itchy yes.

> Another disadvantage is the lack of "sharing" files or directories.

what you mean?

> Some of my statements are possibly the same for CVS, I do not know.
> Usually I use VSS (with those specific disadvantages).

What's that?

I'm quite happy playing with git/cogito atm and I'm using svn for the 
projects at LS3 w/out major issues but the mv being a pain. Still svn is 
quite good as cvs drop-in.



Luca Barbato

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