[Ffmpeg-devel] Does FLAC decoder support 24-bit files?

Dave Chapman dave
Tue Oct 25 21:13:43 CEST 2005

Mike Melanson wrote:
> Dave Chapman wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've been using the decoder (stripped out of ffmpeg itself) for a FLAC
>> decoder as part of the port of the Rockbox firmware to the iRiver
>> H120/H140 players - http://www.rockbox.org
>> The decoder works very well (its simplicity means it is far better
>> suited to embedded use than libFLAC), but I am having problems get
>> 24-bit files to play.
>> My question is whether this is likely to be a problem with something
>> I've done, or if it's a known limitation of the decoder itself.
>     I think FFmpeg still has a limitation of not being able to handle
> 24-bit audio. If this limitation has been removed, I would like to
> transcode 24-bit PCM from DVDs.

Just to clarify, my question was about the FLAC decoder itself, rather
than ffmpeg.  I've built my own decoder around the flac.c file - using
my own FLAC parser and the bare minimum of support functions from ffmpeg
(namely the bitreading and golomb routines).

So I'm simply asking if flac.c itself (which decodes the data into
32-bit ints) is known to be able to handle 24-bit audio.



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