[Ffmpeg-devel] two fixes for ffmpeg's mp4/3gp/mov creation

bond b-o-n-d
Mon Oct 31 16:50:38 CET 2005

fixes are available for two of ffmpeg's mp4/3gp/mov creation problems i
listed here:

patched ffmpeg from here:

fixes the following problems:
1) asp:
"- something doesnt seem to be correct in
esds.decConfigDescr.decSpecificInfo.info. i am not sure but it
seems as if it isnt set at all, which has to be the case!
the missing decspecificinfo.info only seems to be the case
when muxing raw part2 video to .mp4
when encoding with mpeg-4 to .mp4 its written"

muxing/encoding creates it now

2) avc:
"- the mandatory and very important avcC atom is missing"

muxing/encoding creates it now

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