[Ffmpeg-devel] Patch add function to read record time in dv video

Fred Rothganger rothgang
Mon Sep 5 23:26:20 CEST 2005

Michael Niedermayer wrote:

>i would like our API design to stay related to reality, that is in reality
>you often cant seek forward or back (realtime stream) so on demand loading
>is not going to work there, furthermore, please show some examples in 
>relation to multimedia files where the filling up would be an issue,
    Well, I think the record date of DV is a case in point.  The code I 
wrote fills in a time struct from data in the current frame.  Maybe 
that's not the most efficient way to represent time, but let's pretend 
for the moment that it is.  There may be users that have no interest in 
the record time, and so would rather not have the library filling it in 
at every frame.  Also, since the time data is always in the current 
frame, it doesn't require random seeking.

> it
>never was in the past why should it now?
>and for the unlikely case that it is an issue, we can just add a flag which
>would prevent loading a specific set of metadata

    In general, you have a good point.  It may be excessively anal 
retentive to write an API in the most general and flexible form 
possible, unless you actually have a need for it.  Maybe in the case of 
ffmpeg it is overkill to allow lazy evaluation of certain metadata.

-- Fred

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