[Ffmpeg-devel] Specific revisions from CVS

Colin Ward lists
Sat Sep 10 10:41:24 CEST 2005

Michel Bardiaux wrote:


> There may be an easier way, but this works:
> mkdir tmp
> cd tmp
> cvs -z9 -d:pserver:anonymous at mplayerhq.hu:/cvsroot/ffmpeg co -l ffmpeg
> cvs -z9 -d:pserver:anonymous at mplayerhq.hu:/cvsroot/ffmpeg co -r 1.81 
> ffmpeg/Makefile
> After that be *extremely* careful: the version of Makefile is somehow 
> 'locked' to 1.81, so if you remove Makefile and do cvs update you get 
> 1.81, not the latest! But since Makefile does not contain an ID string, 
> its hard to know!

   Yes, that is correct.  When you checkout a particular version, that 
will be noted in CVS's local housekeeping files (the ones in the CVS 
directory).  This is known as a "sticky tag."  You can discard this 
information and go back to working on the head of the source tree by 
using "cvs update -A".

   I was bitten on the a**e by that one too when I was a CVS newbie.  :-)

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