[Ffmpeg-devel] compiling ffmpeg on macOS X10.4

Boris LENSEIGNE lenseign
Mon Sep 12 15:16:31 CEST 2005

I recently tried to compile ffmeg on on macintosh G4 running osX 10.4 
and I had to mak a pair of modifications in order t have it working, so 
let me inform you about that :
1- on 10.4, the symbol " socklen_t " is already defined so that I had to 
comment the following line in file 'libavformat/tcp.c" :
/* #if defined(__APPLE__) || defined(__BEOS__) */
/* typedef int socklen_t; */
/* #endif */

2- flag -fno-common has to be added to the compiler command line. In 
config.mak I did it like that :
OPTFLAGS=-O3 -g -Wall -Wno-switch  -no-cpp-precomp -pipe 
-fomit-frame-pointer -faltivec -mdynamic-no-pic -fno-common

Hope, this will help you

Best regards,
Boris Lenseigne

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