[Ffmpeg-devel] XBMC DVD-Player Announcement

Gamester17 gamester17
Mon Sep 12 22:59:34 CEST 2005

XBMC DVD-Player Announcement 

XboxMediaCenter's built-in DVD-player core is now officially open to the 
public for general usage. The new dvdplayer-core, which a few of our 
developers have been working on for almost a year has been enabled in our 
CVS and is of today the default player for DVD-Video playback in XBMC. 
Please be patient with it, understand that it can be a bit buggy, it has 
some limitations, and still needs a lot of work. The basics functions for 
DVD-Video playback (DVD-menus support) is in there and from now on we will 
accept (properly formatted) bug-reports from end-users and we will do our 
best to help users of the player. We would also like to take this moment to 
ask and encourage programmers who may or may not yet have contributed to the 
XBMC project to step up and assist in the development of this new core for 
DVD-Video playback. Please take a look at the source code, its potential, 
and then look at the many (big and small) features that are missing or 
lacking, there are things that almost anyone can help with. 

Technical-summery: "This player core/library is made for the DirectX API and 
is framework dependent, it's currently based on libmpeg2 (for MPEG-1/2 video 
decoding), liba52 (for AC3 audio decoding), libdts/libdca (for DTS audio 
decoding), libMAD (for MPEG audio decoding, ported using madxlib), and 
libavcodec (FFmpeg) (for other audio formats decoding), plus libavformat 
(FFmpeg) for all file/media-container demuxing/splitting. CSS-decryption is 
done with libdvdcss, and the menu/navigation is handled by a ported version 
of libDVDnav and dvdread (which is part of libDVDnav, but was originally 
ported/forked by them from libdvdread). Since the core has the option to use 
FFmpeg for audio / video decoding, it should be able to play most formats 
that FFmpeg supports too, (though using FFmpeg libavformat demuxer 'as is' 
is probebly not optimal as it has much not needed for DVD-Video, better 
would be to make our own, especially for MPEG2-video based materials)". 

Much more information here:

Best regards from Team-XBMC / www.xboxmediacenter.com

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