[Ffmpeg-devel] Specific revisions from CVS

Michel Bardiaux mbardiaux
Tue Sep 13 15:52:28 CEST 2005

Barry Cooper wrote:

> I have to say, Michel, I find your aggressive tone a little uncalled 
> for. 

If you find me aggressive, then you have indeed little experience with 
usenet or mailing lists. The tone on the ffmpeg lists is generally what 
one might describe as 'mildly robust'. Outright flamewars are uncommon.

> I apologise for my ignorance but in my defence:
> - I am not a unix virgin, neither am I stupid.

Never thought you were.

> - I am also, however, not a unix guru. I am here for fun.

No one is expected to be a guru on *everything*. I admit quite frankly 
that I know *zilch* about anything MAC.

> - I didn't think the "user" mailing list was the place the post 
> compilation questions.

Did I suggest that? If so, my mistake (though I have always held the 
opinion that trying to maintain separate devel and user lists was 

> - I have spent a lot of time in the last week searching the interweb for 
> clues rather than jump in on a mailing list and waste people's time with 
> a newbie question to be found in a FAQ. But at the end of the day I was 
> a little stuck and thought, mailing lists are here to allow people to 
> share their knowledge, so sent my question.
> I would gladly improve my shell script knowledge and update these 
> patches (if I get them all to work) to the latest release. Hey, I'd even 
> like to help people verify their code compiles on osx (we darwiners seem 
> to be in a minority. or at least a vocal minority). Anything to do my 
> bit for the open source community, I use enough of the software, I 
> should contribute somehow.
> But you dudes will need to chill out a little, please.
> Suggestion - another mailing list for complilation / compatibility 
> issues (as I am clearly not a coder by day nor night)?

Yeek! You'll make things even worse!

> Or how about a decently detailed faq to keep plebs like me off your 
> mailing list?

Any contribution to a better doc will be welcome. That said, ffmpeg does 
indeed suffer from severe documentation-lag. But this is the usual 
scenario: prepare a paragraph of doc; to do that, check with the latest 
ffmpeg; while doing that, you find a bug. What do you do? You fix the 
bug - and then you dont have time anymore to finish the doc. The next 
time you work on it, the command line has changed, or the API has changed...

> regards
> Barry.

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