[Ffmpeg-devel] Problems with H264

Måns Rullgård mru
Tue Sep 13 21:57:01 CEST 2005

Hanno B?ck <mail at hboeck.de> writes:

> Am Tuesday, 13. September 2005 20:24 schrieb M?ns Rullg?rd:
>> > Testing this video
>> > http://images.apple.com/movies/us/hd_gallery/gl1800/720p/bbc-africa_m720p
>> >.mov crashes with both latest cvs mplayer and ffplay from ffmpeg cvs after
>> > some seconds.
>> That's a huge file.  Where does it crash, exactly?
> After about 5 seconds. I've attached the mplayer-output. Do you need
> further info? Does the video run okay for you?

It plays perfectly fine here, only a little slow due to lacking CPU

>> > Various videos had a pink block on the right side with several players
>> > (this has already been discussed on this ml, someone said it's fixed, but
>> > it obviously isn't).
>> > This only occurs with xv output in combination with h264. Strange
>> > behaviour: When moving the window, the block stays at the same location
>> > horizontally, but vertically it moves with the window.
>> Which graphics card?  If it only happens with xv output, I'd suspect a
>> graphics card/driver bug or limitation.
> radeon 9200, I already thought it's because I'm using modular xorg 
> pre-releases, but it has been confirmed by someone using stable xorg. So if 
> it's a bug in the driver, it's in both xorg 6.8.2 and current cvs.

I don't have any radeons myself so I can't confirm or deny.  Does this
happen with all H.264 movies, or only some?  Is there anything else
the bad ones have in common?  Some graphics cards do odd things if the
video size is larger than the maximum supported by the overlay unit.
Are these movies all HD?  Check the supported overlay size with

M?ns Rullg?rd
mru at inprovide.com

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