[Ffmpeg-devel] [REQUEST] MMX/MMX2 and SSE optimizations for H.264 decoding

Gamester17 gamester17
Thu Sep 15 08:36:17 CEST 2005

On 9/14/05, Guillaume POIRIER <poirierg at gmail.com> wrote:
> If your CPU is too slow, too bad for you. 

Like I said I'm a Xbox owner too, and the Xbox is my main 
video-playback-devices (and the only device I have hooked up to my TV), it's 
kind of hard to upgrade the CPU in an Xbox so all Xbox owners are stuck with 
what we got in there, ...btw, Team-XBMC (www.xboxmediacenter.com) 
guesstimate that there are around 2-million Xbox owners who have modded 
their Xbox and have XBMC installed on it so far, and we also guesstimate 
that at least over 1-million of those use XBMC on a regular day-to-day 
basis. Then there are of course many more people with Intel Pentium III 
processors in their laptops that only the CPU simply can't be upgraded on 
either (a new whole laptop isn't cheap). If you also count those with PIII 
processors in their desktop PC's that are 'too poor' to upgrade then you got 
quite a large total user-base of PIII owners, ...I bet that directly and 
indirectly (via applications like MPlayer, XINE, VLC, FFdshow, etc.) the 
majority of FFmpeg users have a PIII processor-based computer. 

On 9/14/05, Michael Niedermayer <michaelni at gmx.at> wrote:
> why dont you try to become a programmer then?

You know, the usual excuses; I'm too old, got too little free time, etc. ;P  
...I try my best to help the open source community the best way I can though 
(I'm a project manager for XBMC which involves getting others to help in 

On 9/14/05, Mike Melanson <mike at multimedia.cx> wrote:
> Seriously, though, what kind of work is there to do for H.264
> optimizations? Which functions need to be SIMD-optimized?

I also like to know how and where optimizations could be added/improved :)

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