[Ffmpeg-devel] HDTV-H.264 by BBC not playing

Loïc Le Loarer lll+ffmpeg
Thu Sep 15 19:15:51 CEST 2005

Le Thursday 15 September 2005 ? 17:19:05 +0100, M?ns Rullg?rd a ?crit:
> Lo?c Le Loarer said:
> > Le Thursday 15 September 2005 ? 16:42:32 +0200, Dietmar Hofer a ?crit:
> >>
> >> > As far as I know ffmpeg don't support interlaced AVC/H.264.
> >>
> >> That may be an explanation.
> >> Btw, is the strange resolution of 960x1088 because of interlacing or is that
> >> another issue?
> >
> > It is called "half HD" because 960 is 1920/2. It is a way to have "HD"
> > content in the number of lines with 50% less pixels, so less
> > decoding/encoding CPU power. And it is easy to scale to the full
> > 1920x1088 resolution, and with an analog TV output, there is no
> > differences (There is no column on analog TV signal, only lines).
> A CRT TV doesn't have pixels as such horizontally, but the horizontal
> resolution still matters.  In this case, there is only half as much
> information in the picture as in a full-width video.  960 pixels is
> still more than SD resolution, so it may look OK.  Half SD resolution
> is definitely worse than full SD.  Look at CNN Europe for an example.

Sure, the definition is not as good as full HD, I didn't tell the
contrary, this is why I put the HD between "", I was just try to explain
why such a format exists.


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