[Ffmpeg-devel] FFMPEG code a mess

Mike Melanson mike
Fri Sep 16 20:21:18 CEST 2005

Schoenblum, Joel wrote:
> I started using ffmpeg/ffplay on the Windows platform a few days ago.
> The build process on win32 is the usual mess for cross-platform compilation,
> but it worked. 
> It's a shame that such a powerful, all-encompassing library has been written
> so
> poorly.   I started decoding some H.264 streams and it went belly up.   So I
> started
> adding the h.264 decode functions to my project, and found out little by
> little that the
> entire library is an intermingled mess.   If this library had been written
> in an object oriented
> format, this could never have happened.   

	Feel better now? Got that out of your system? Carry on.

	(BTW, free clue: You can make just as big of a mess in an OO language.)
	-Mike Melanson

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