[Ffmpeg-devel] FFMPEG code a mess

Mike Melanson mike
Fri Sep 16 21:50:22 CEST 2005

Rich Felker wrote:
> No, you're just a baka who can't read code.. The reason it's

	Maybe we're being too hard on the sciatl.com guy. Based on his email 
and every OO/C++/Java FAQ I have ever read, I think a complete OO 
rewrite could magically solve every shortcoming that FFmpeg has. Indeed, 
it's high time for FFmpeg++.

> "intermingled" as you say is exactly BECAUSE of so-called object
> oriented principles like organizing code into reusable 'classes' for
> basic functionality which almost all of the codecs share. Grow up and

	I think this is the problem that multiple inheritance solves. So we 
make a BitStreamReader class and an InverseDiscreteCosineTransform class 
and a CoefficientDezigzag class. Then the VlcDecoder class inherits from 
the BitStreamReader class. The Mpeg12Decoder class would inherit from 
all of the aforementioned classes.

	Of course, there are different versions of the 
InverseDiscreteCosineTransform class for different CPUs and SIMD sets. I 
think this is where C++ templates would come in handy. Or maybe it needs 
to be a pure virtual class that would then be inherited and implemented 
by InverseDiscreteCosineTransformC, InverseDiscreteCosineTransformMMX, etc.

	Here's hoping that all of the various C++ constructs work across all of 
the g++ versions people will be using. If not, I'm sure the gcc folks 
will be able to sort out any issues by the next point release.

	Anyone else want to jump in here? Decomposing object hierarchies is 
much more fun than doing actual programming work.

>>     - - - - - - -  Appended by Scientific-Atlanta, Inc.  - - - - - - -  

	I think we need to include this in as much email traffic as possible. 
It will make this discussion score much higher on Google when someone 
searches for info on that company.

	-Mike Melanson

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