[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: FFMPEG code a mess

Rich Felker dalias
Mon Sep 19 01:35:31 CEST 2005

On Mon, Sep 19, 2005 at 12:19:09AM +0200, G?bor Farkas wrote:
> >>if it's your opinion, why do you think that java's such a bad choice
> >>for an OOP language?
> >
> >
> >Java can be handy sometimes, but there are a few things that annoy me:
> >
> >- Everything has to be an object.

I have a feeling he was not talking about data types, but procedures
and other non-data things.

> but isn't it the same in C?
> you have some basic types and then you have to create structs. in which 
> way is it different from classes?

You have code that is not part of a class.

> >- No unsigned types.
> why do you need them? what would  you like to do with them?

This question is so ignorant that someone asking it should not be

> >Have you ever used Java for anything serious?
> yes, i worked as a java developer for 2-3 years..

That doesn't answer the question. Making shit rad/gui/web/... stuff in
a corporate setting is not serious use.


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