[Ffmpeg-devel] [REQUEST] MMX/MMX2 and SSE optimizations for H.264 decoding

Martin Boehme boehme
Mon Sep 19 12:27:24 CEST 2005

Diego Biurrun wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 16, 2005 at 02:26:06PM +0200, Martin Boehme wrote:
>>Diego Biurrun wrote:
>>>Some time ago I tried a few HD trailers from apple.com on my 1.5Ghz
>>>PowerBook under OS X.  They all played fluently with QuickTime, while
>>>MPlayer was playing little more than a slideshow.  I'd guess a factor of
>>>2-10, but this was some time ago, I'd have to check again.
>>This was for all resolutions?
> I played the serenity trailer, which is 1280x544 H.264 video with AAC sound.

OK... so that should probably be viewable with MPlayer on many x86 systems.

>>A while ago, I tried some of the Apple trailers under MPlayer on my 1.6 
>>GHz Pentium M. My (hazy) recollection is that the 960x540 trailers 
>>played at full speed, the 1280x720 were slightly slower than real time, 
>>and I think I didn't even try 1920x1080.
> A typical MPlayer status line while playing the movie is
> A: 108.9 V:  92.0 A-V: 16.960 ct:  3.132 766/766 121% 48%  8.7% 734 0
> top shows 2-8% idle processor and the movie plays in slow-motion with
> massive audio and video desync.  With QuickTime I have 10-20% idle
> processor and absolutely fluent motion.

OK, so it sounds as if there's far less optimization in FFmpeg's H.264 
on PPC than on x86... which probably isn't a surprise...


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