[Ffmpeg-devel] The "Intermingled Mess" issue.

Christian Iversen chrivers
Mon Sep 19 12:45:03 CEST 2005

On Monday 19 September 2005 05:40, Colin Ward wrote:
>    Good morning all.
>    Well that "FFMPEG code a mess" thread was certainly a fun way to
> start a Monday morning.  :-)  As a first E-Mail on a mailing list it's
> certainly not a way to make friends fast!
>    However, the fellow does have a point, albeit expressed rather
> bluntly.  Recently I wanted to build a libavcodec and libavformat that
> contained only support for MPEG 1 and 2 video, MP3 audio, Ogg Vorbis and
> Ogg Theora.  When I tried this I found some problems:
> [...]
>    So to an extent FFMPEG *is* a bit of an "Intermingled mess" but it's
> nothing that a few #ifdefs wouldn't fix.  I'll write a follow up E-Mail
> with more concrete details when I am back in front of my home computer.

Just my 5c, but wouldn't something like "make menuconfig" from the Linux 
kernel be the perfect way to configure ffmpeg? For instance, MP3_DECODER 
could depend on COMMON_MPEG_ROUTINES which could pull in SOME_IDCT_ROUTINE, 
etc. All this would happen automatically, and the user would have no problem 
configuring this library. 

This is just a loose idea, of course - any comments?

>    PS.  Does anyone know if GCC does function level linking?

I'm pretty sure it doesn't. 

Christian Iversen

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