[Ffmpeg-devel] XMV Decoder

James Slater ffmpeg
Tue Sep 20 13:11:52 CEST 2005


I'm writing a demuxer for the XMV video format used by many Xbox games. 
After examining some sample files I've worked out the basic structure of 
the format and have some of them decoding (almost) correctly in ffmpeg.

The file structure is entirely new as far as I can tell, but the video 
data is WMV2 and the audio either PCM - in most of them - or a custom 
ADCPM variant that I haven't devoted any time to yet.

Two questions:

1. For some reason the WMV2 data appears to be stored byte swapped, so 
after each get_buffer I am currently doing bswap_32 on every four bytes. 
Is there a more sensible way? Can anyone think _why_ the data might be 
stored in this way?

2. The header seems to contain the same fields as the normal WMV2 
extradata, but in a strange order - after figuring that out last night I 
quickly wrote this:

hack[2] = get_byte(pb);
hack[3] = get_byte(pb);
hack[0] = get_byte(pb);
hack[1] = get_byte(pb);

Each _byte_ then needs reversing. The whole thing is then passed to the 
WMV2 decoder as normal extradata.

ff_reverse isn't in libavformat so I had to put my own in for the 
moment. Am I doing this in the wrong place or could the bit manipulation 
functions maybe be moved to libavutil?



James Slater

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