[Ffmpeg-devel] Compilation Issue

Michel Bardiaux mbardiaux
Thu Sep 22 16:21:34 CEST 2005

Jan-Willem Mulder wrote:

Please dont top post.

> only problem I have is that --enable-shared does not work as expected
> anymore when building with mingw.
> before libavutil was added ffmpeg.exe for example was about 150k,
> libavformat 400k and libavcodec 2500k. After libavutil was added (and
> current cvs) ffmpeg.exe results in 3200k, libavutil 35k, libavcodec 2500k,
> libavformat 3000k. It seems that it is all staticly linked.
>  darkie.


nm -Bo libavformat/avformat.dll | fgrep ' U '

returns empty. Definitely broken.

I was able to work around it by changing some lines in the Makefiles, 
see attached patch. Of course this is *only* for DLLs. How to write 
things exactly so that the shared or static libs are used for the links 
requires more familiarity with the Makefiles than I have. (Someone will 
maybe point out that the autotools would not have made that mistake...)

>  On 9/22/05, Michel Bardiaux <mbardiaux at mediaxim.be> wrote:
>>Usman Bashir wrote:
>>>Hi fellow!
>>>I am new at ffmpeg as well as Linux, so do not know much about
>>>make and other things. I am able to compile ffmpeg using MINGW32 on
>>>windows though.
>>>But when I build a file replacing ffmpeg.c with my own and targeting it
>>>as dll rather then exe, I am failed. Although dll is seem to be building
>>>from make, but when I try to access it from java app it denied loading.
>>>Is there any other thing that I need to add in make files or how can I
>>>change the make files to build a actual dll instead of exe.
>>>I ll really appreciate the help from any one
>>ffmpeg is not the appropriate prototype to build your own dll. You
>>should mimic libavformat instead (and of course use --enable-shared).

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