[Ffmpeg-devel] ogg demuxer

Måns Rullgård mru
Mon Sep 26 23:48:08 CEST 2005

matthieu castet <castet.matthieu at free.fr> writes:

> Mike Melanson wrote:
>> matthieu castet wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> ogg demuxer don't seem to work when seeking with theora file.
>>> It seem on some case it send garbage to the decoder.
>>> [...]
>>> [theora @ 0x8314fa8]Unknown Theora config packet: 108
>>> [theora @ 0x8314fa8]Warning, unsupported keyframe coding type?!
>>> [theora @ 0x8314fa8]Unknown Theora config packet: 15
>>> [theora @ 0x8314fa8]Warning, unsupported keyframe coding type?!
>>     Not surprising. I do not think our Theora decoder understands
>> every one of the setup packet types yet.
> hum : it works fine when not seeking.
> I suppose ogg demuxer don't feed correctly the decoder after seeking.

That file works fine here.  It doesn't seek to keyframes, but that
only causes some visual artefacts, no errors.  Are you sure you are
using a clean build?

M?ns Rullg?rd
mru at inprovide.com

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