[PATCH][Ffmpeg-devel] Compilation Issue

Alexander Strasser eclipse7
Thu Sep 29 01:04:38 CEST 2005


Michel Bardiaux wrote:
> Alexander Strasser wrote:
> >  Oh, sorry. Here is an updated patch.
> Here is what I get for a shared-lib compile on mingw:
> gcc -shared 
> -Wl,--enable-runtime-pseudo-reloc,--output-def,avutil.def,--out-implib,libavutil.dll.a 
> -o avutil.dll mathematics.o integ        er.o rational.o 
> intfloat_readwrite.o  -lm
> c:\mingw\bin\..\lib\gcc-lib\mingw32\3.2\..\..\..\..\mingw32\bin\ld.exe: 
> unrecognized option '--enable-runtime-pseudo-reloc'
> c:\mingw\bin\..\lib\gcc-lib\mingw32\3.2\..\..\..\..\mingw32\bin\ld.exe: 
> use the --help option for usage information
> make[1]: *** [avutil.dll] Error 1
> make[1]: Leaving directory 
> `/p/people/michel/internet/ffmpeg-mingw-org/libavutil'
> make: *** [lib] Error 2
> $ gcc --version
> gcc.exe (GCC) 3.2 (mingw special 20020817-1)
> Seems your patch depends on a very recent feature of gcc. What is it 
> supposed to do?

  Oh, i didn't know it is such a `new' linker option. OK, then
i guess there is no way to make it work for every one without
doing some changes to the code.

> Short version: it all hangs on --enable-runtime-pseudo-reloc. A little 
> google shows it is strongly recommended for all dll builds using mingw, 
> so I suppose we'll want to keep it even if not absolutely necessary. So, 
> what is the minimum version of mingw/gcc/msys I need?

  I don't know when it was exactly introduced, but i guess somewhen
at end of 2002 and beginning of 2003 (not sure tho).
  I am still a little bit confused of the issue as it requires special
options for GNU ld but works (as it seems) flawlessly with m$ linker.
What i have read would rather imply the opposite situation if i
understood correctly.

  Another question is if we should apply this for now to fix the
situation for people with recent linker versions as the shared build
won't work correctly for the current version anyway?

  Maybe the best fix for all is to use the link directly-to-dll
feature you demonstrated in your previous mails. But it will be
a bit more involved to implement it properly.

  Alex (beastd)

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