[Ffmpeg-devel] Re :Compilation Issue

Usman Bashir usman.bashir
Thu Sep 29 08:23:11 CEST 2005

Hi Fellow!
	I am going struck now. Actually I was able to optimize the size
as well as calling the ffmpeg dll from java. It is working quite fine
 	But I had to install exceptions as well. So as soon as I try to
install exceptions, it bites me hard. 
	Actually it exits by complaining about the ACCESS_VOILATION.
First I thought it may due to my code. When I added the trace in the
code of ffmpeg. I found that the error is in the ffmpeg code. As it is
first detected in "output_packet()" method then when I dig deeper it
goes on until I reached the "avcodec_encode_video" call in
"output_packet" method.
	Interestingly if I remove the exception code that I added then
it works fine. But it is totally a replacement of exit method. I have
done nothing with other code
	What I have done is to replace the exit method with call to my
exception generation and then return to the java again. But awwww it is
even not allowing me to call exception.


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