[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: Memory leaks...

Mat heavensdoor78
Thu Sep 29 15:39:12 CEST 2005

Mat wrote:

> Some notes:
> - the changes I proposed in  output_example.c  were incorrect (wrong 
> place), now I think they are ok
> - I tested this formats only: AVI (video:mp4,audio:mp2), MOV 
> (video:mp4), VOB (video:mpeg2video,audio:mp2), MPEG 
> (video:mpeg1video,audio:mp2)
> - Burkhard reports the same leaks in alaw/ulaw encoders - neither I 
> use that codecs and I can't test/make a patch
> - about  mpegaudiodec.c  ... I noticed the leak with  apiexample.c  
> probably because  mpegaudiodec  is used there. I already proposed to 
> explicity clean the memory in the local scope adding  
> av_free(code_table);  before closing the for in the row 372. I tested 
> it and it works (no leaks) but I'm not sure of this change so I didn't 
> include it in the patch. Martin knows this

Another memory leak testing WMV (video:msmpeg4,audio:mp2):
- libavcodec/msmpeg4.c (row 212) ... but here av_malloc seems to be used 
for an internal variable so I suppose an av_free for the MVTable* is 
missing somewhere...

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