Patch Writing Guidelines? (was Re: [Ffmpeg-devel] [RFC]ffmpeg-windows mailinglist?)

Víctor Paesa wzrlpy
Wed Aug 2 15:57:00 CEST 2006

> Some general patch-writing guidelines might go a long way towards
> helping this. In particular, the configure vs. inline-platform-
> identifier is fairly nonobvious to those of us that are coming in
> with the express goal of making our platform work, that kind of patch
> (in general) seems to be what most projects expect (that said, your
> solution is infinitely nicer now that I understand it).
> I can't speak to other things that are nonobvious, but it's probably
> worth posting such things someplace on the site, perhaps with a link
> from the "Downloads and SVN" page?
> (maybe such guidelines exist but I never saw them?)

If recall well, some time ago it was discussed in the mail list that
MPlayer's DOCS/tech/patches.txt was the one to be followed, it would be
nice to add a link there.

V?ctor Paesa

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