[Ffmpeg-devel] using libavformat to demux a ts stream

Tim Allen tim
Wed Aug 9 13:10:40 CEST 2006

?? wrote:
> Hi,

> I had wrote a program to demux a network stream with avformat and
> avcodec.If the stream is PS,the function av_open_input_stream() do
> not read data to analyse the stream, and the function
> av_find_stream_info() can check the stream infomation with about 700K
> data. But if the stream is TS, the  function av_open_input_stream()
> analyse the stream infomation with about 8M data, it take a long time
> to recveive so much data from the network before the video can be
> play normally! Is there any way to decrease the time for TS stream's
> infomation detecting? thanks!

In general, no, because by their nature (ie they are broadcast) 
transport streams are prone to being captured in the middle of a frame, 
so in any random stream you have might have up to a frame worth of 
indecipherable stuff to wade through before you get to something that 
can be recognised. I'm not aware of any easy way around the issue.


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