[Ffmpeg-devel] timeline marker not showing for .flv format

Adam Barker adamsbarker
Wed Aug 9 16:25:03 CEST 2006


i am running the windows build of ffmpeg (ffmpeg version SVN-r5570) and when i convert from a movie file (eg, .mov) to the .flv format and put this .flv file into an .swf file so the movie can be played via a flash player, the little position marker on the timeline doesn't appear until after the movie has been played through at least once. i have used another program to do the same conversion (ie, from .mov to .flv), and the position marker shows from the beginning like it should, so i'm wondering what i'm doing wrong for this to happen?? here is the line i use to convert in the command line:

 c:\ffmpeg -i c:\movie.mov c:\movie.flv


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