[Ffmpeg-devel] streaming jpeg packets from a socket

embeddedPaolo xenakis embeddedpaolo
Sun Aug 13 03:56:03 CEST 2006

Hi all
I have to implement a program which does the following

1) it obtains distincts jpeg packets from a socket 
2) while obtaining these packets, it makes a rtsp
stream (in mjpeg format) with them

With the command line tool I can create a stream from
jpeg files as inputs; however, in my case,
I don't want to save my packets as jpeg files (it
would be a heavy solution...do you agree?), but I want
to manage them directly....Is there a way to do it
with ffmpeg?,And, above all, is it simple or
difficoult to do?
I suspect it would be impossible to do this operation
with the command line tool, so .... are there any
sample codes (or examples) wich can be helpful for me?


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