[Ffmpeg-devel] error compiling ffmpeg.c

George Robertson gr
Mon Aug 14 16:07:24 CEST 2006

may nothing wrote:
> ffmpeg.c: In function `opt_input_file':
> ffmpeg.c:2807: error: structure has no member named `loop_input'
> gmake: *** [ffmpeg.o] Error 1
> line 2807 of ffmpeg.c :
> ic->loop_input = loop_input;
> line 163 of ffmpeg.c:
> static int loop_input = 0;
> Any ideas what's wrong ??
Okay, this is telling you that the struct called "ic" has no data member 
named "loop_input." Find the type for "ic" and then find where it is 
defined (some header {".h"} file). That will get you closer.

You might want to ensure that "svn" is in your path. Type "which svn" at 
the command line... if you don't got it, install it.

cheers, G

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