[Ffmpeg-devel] Small binary size for Windows with limited decodersand one encoder

EasyApps | J.M. Gremmen gremmen
Thu Aug 17 14:32:53 CEST 2006

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> [mailto:ffmpeg-devel-bounces at mplayerhq.hu]Namens Luca Barbato
> Verzonden: donderdag 17 augustus 2006 14:12
> Aan: FFMpeg development discussions and patches
> Onderwerp: Re: [Ffmpeg-devel] Small binary size for Windows with limited
> decodersand one encoder
> EasyApps | J.M. Gremmen wrote:
> > Could somebody help me to compile a really small binary for
> Windows? (1MB or
> > less?)
> use the configure script... (--help to check for the options)
> lu
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Dear Luca,

Ok, but what options will make any sense?

dev:~/install/ffmpeg# ./configure --help
Usage: configure [options]
Options: [defaults in brackets after descriptions]

Standard options:
  --help                   print this message
  --log[=FILE|yes|no]      log tests and output to FILE [config.err]
  --prefix=PREFIX          install in PREFIX [/usr/local]
  --libdir=DIR             install libs in DIR [PREFIX/lib]
  --shlibdir=DIR           install shared libs in DIR [PREFIX/lib]
  --incdir=DIR             install includes in DIR [PREFIX/include/ffmpeg]
  --mandir=DIR             install man page in DIR [PREFIX/man]
  --enable-mp3lame         enable MP3 encoding via libmp3lame [default=no]
  --enable-libogg          enable Ogg support via libogg [default=no]
  --enable-vorbis          enable Vorbis support via libvorbis [default=no]
  --enable-faad            enable FAAD support via libfaad [default=no]
  --enable-faadbin         build FAAD support with runtime linking
  --enable-faac            enable FAAC support via libfaac [default=no]
  --enable-libgsm          enable GSM support via libgsm [default=no]
  --enable-xvid            enable XviD support via xvidcore [default=no]
  --enable-x264            enable H.264 encoding via x264 [default=no]
  --enable-mingw32         enable MinGW native/cross Windows compile
  --enable-mingwce         enable MinGW native/cross WinCE compile
  --enable-a52             enable GPLed A52 support [default=no]
  --enable-a52bin          open liba52.so.0 at runtime [default=no]
  --enable-dts             enable GPLed DTS support [default=no]
  --enable-pp              enable GPLed postprocessing support [default=no]
  --enable-static          build static libraries [default=yes]
  --disable-static         do not build static libraries [default=no]
  --enable-shared          build shared libraries [default=no]
  --disable-shared         do not build shared libraries [default=yes]
  --enable-amr_nb          enable amr_nb float audio codec
  --enable-amr_nb-fixed    use fixed point for amr-nb codec
  --enable-amr_wb          enable amr_wb float audio codec
  --enable-amr_if2         enable amr_wb IF2 audio codec
  --enable-sunmlib         use Sun medialib [default=no]
  --enable-pthreads        use pthreads [default=no]
  --enable-dc1394          enable IIDC-1394 grabbing using libdc1394
                           and libraw1394 [default=no]
  --enable-gpl             allow use of GPL code, the resulting libav*
                           and ffmpeg will be under GPL [default=no]

Advanced options (experts only):
  --source-path=PATH       path to source code [/root/install/ffmpeg]
  --cross-prefix=PREFIX    use PREFIX for compilation tools []
  --cross-compile          assume a cross-compiler is used
  --cc=CC                  use C compiler CC [gcc]
  --make=MAKE              use specified make [make]
  --extra-cflags=ECFLAGS   add ECFLAGS to CFLAGS []
  --extra-ldflags=ELDFLAGS add ELDFLAGS to LDFLAGS []
  --extra-libs=ELIBS       add ELIBS []
  --build-suffix=SUFFIX    suffix for application specific build []
  --cpu=CPU                force cpu to CPU  [x86]
  --tune=CPU               tune code for a particular CPU
                           (may fail or perform badly on other CPUs)
  --powerpc-perf-enable    enable performance report on PPC
                           (requires enabling PMC)
  --disable-mmx            disable MMX usage
  --disable-iwmmxt         disable iwmmxt usage
  --disable-altivec        disable AltiVec usage
  --disable-audio-oss      disable OSS audio support [default=no]
  --disable-audio-beos     disable BeOS audio support [default=no]
  --disable-v4l            disable video4linux grabbing [default=no]
  --disable-v4l2           disable video4linux2 grabbing [default=no]
  --disable-bktr           disable bktr video grabbing [default=no]
  --disable-dv1394         disable DV1394 grabbing [default=no]
  --disable-network        disable network support [default=no]
  --disable-zlib           disable zlib [default=no]
  --disable-simple_idct    disable simple IDCT routines [default=no]
  --disable-vhook          disable video hooking support
  --enable-gprof           enable profiling with gprof [no]
  --disable-debug          disable debugging symbols
  --disable-opts           disable compiler optimizations
  --disable-mpegaudio-hp   faster (but less accurate)
                           MPEG audio decoding [default=no]
  --disable-protocols      disable I/O protocols support [default=no]
  --disable-ffserver       disable ffserver build
  --disable-ffplay         disable ffplay build
  --enable-small           optimize for size instead of speed
  --enable-memalign-hack   emulate memalign, interferes with memory
  --disable-strip          disable stripping of executables and shared
  --disable-encoder=NAME   disables encoder NAME
  --enable-encoder=NAME    enables encoder NAME
  --disable-decoder=NAME   disables decoder NAME
  --enable-decoder=NAME    enables decoder NAME
  --disable-encoders       disables all encoders
  --disable-decoders       disables all decoders
  --disable-muxer=NAME     disables muxer NAME
  --enable-muxer=NAME      enables muxer NAME
  --disable-muxers         disables all muxers
  --disable-demuxer=NAME   disables demuxer NAME
  --enable-demuxer=NAME    enables demuxer NAME
  --disable-demuxers       disables all demuxers
  --enable-parser=NAME     enables parser NAME
  --disable-parser=NAME    disables parser NAME
  --disable-parsers        disables all parsers

NOTE: Object files are built at the place where configure is launched.

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