[Ffmpeg-devel] re: follow up to ffmpeg cannot compile

beddei munwonda beddei
Fri Aug 18 09:52:34 CEST 2006

it seems the problem has to do with this code in x264.c in the libavcodec 

            x4->params.rc.i_rc_method = X264_RC_CRF;
            x4->params.rc.i_rf_constant = avctx->crf;
        }else if(avctx->cqp > -1){
            x4->params.rc.i_rc_method = X264_RC_CQP;
            x4->params.rc.i_qp_constant = avctx->cqp;

    // if neither crf nor cqp modes are selected we have to enable the RC
    // we do it this way because we cannot check if the bitrate has been set
    if(!(avctx->crf || (avctx->cqp > -1))) x4->params.rc.i_rc_method = 

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