[Ffmpeg-devel] Write documentation

Derk-Jan Hartman hartman
Thu Aug 24 23:30:01 CEST 2006

On 24-aug-2006, at 23:03, Aly Cisse wrote:

> Hello it's been few weeks that i am browsing source code and  
> website about
> ffmpeg (i am quite slow) and i think there is not enough  
> documentation.
> That's why i really would like write documentation.
> I am serious about it and i think it will be usefull for everybody.
> If someone can tell me how do it and if i can have some explanation  
> about
> it, i will be happy to do it.
> Thanks

Ah, the great problem of documentation :D
As a fellow user I have actually thought about this, of course I have  
no time to implement.
I think for a project as ffmpeg it would be best, to heavily describe  
sets of "use cases" for the libraries.
And then linking to specific sections of doxygen documentation with  
further details.

These use cases should be ordered something like this:
1: goals of what you want to code (audio decoder, video decoder, file  
conversion, stream, postprocessing, filtering)
2: preparation (compilation env) and setup of the libs
3: specific pieces of code with explanations of methodology.
4: important exceptions and limitations

And, like I said, much linking to doxygen :D


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