[Ffmpeg-devel] Write documentation

Víctor Paesa wzrlpy
Fri Aug 25 00:15:14 CEST 2006


> Hello it's been few weeks that i am browsing source code and website about
> ffmpeg (i am quite slow) and i think there is not enough documentation.
> That's why i really would like write documentation.
> I am serious about it and i think it will be usefull for everybody.

Thanks, your effort will be appreciated.

> If someone can tell me how do it and if i can have some explanation about
> it, i will be happy to do it.
> Thanks

The documentation you browsed in the website is kept as a set of
Texinfo files. You may edit them with plain "vi", run make, and check for
correctness the generated HTML with any web browser.

You might (in order of difficulty):

a) Check if the output of "ffmpeg" or "ffmpeg -formats" is properly
documented in "ffmpeg-doc.texi"

b) Check if the frequently asked questions in the maillists are properly
documented in "faq.texi"

c) Read regularly the ffmpeg-devel and add to the docs any
controversial/dark point that is explained and declared to be the TRUTH by
the maintainers (their names appear in the MAINTAINERS file).

Regarding the how to:
a) is usually a good idea to spell-check what you write,
b) use short sentences,
c) avoid elaborate lexicon, jargon, etc.
d) use examples,
so that what you write is easier to understand.

Then you are to submit a patch following the indications in the
"Submitting patches" documentation.

Your patch will reviewed grammatically (by maintainers that have English
as first language), and semantically (by maintainers that lead each area).
After a few revisions, your patch eventually will be incorporated
into SVN.

V?ctor Paesa

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