[Ffmpeg-devel] Bug in "configure" file.

Wolfram Gloger wmglo
Tue Aug 29 13:57:06 CEST 2006


> I've found this in google search results:
> "tr variants:
> The tr utility has two historic variants. The BSD version does not use
> brackets (tr a-z A-Z), but the SysV one does (tr '[a-z]' '[A-Z]'). The
> GNU version of tr resembles the BSD one, so quoting letter ranges
> within brackets is mandatory.
> "
> That's why after building on SunOs i've got unexpected result: ffmpeg
> was built succesfully, but it did not support any codec :).
> I've spent a lot of time to find out the cause of problem.

A good and simple way to avoid such problems on SunOS is to
have /usr/xpg4/bin in your path before /usr/bin..
/usr/xpg4/bin/tr should grok the standard-compliant arguments.


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