[Ffmpeg-devel] PATCH proposal - AMR encoding/decoding stubs

Diego Biurrun diego
Wed Aug 30 18:15:13 CEST 2006

On Wed, Aug 30, 2006 at 12:48:30PM +0000, Alexey wrote:
> Recently I was working with AMR encoding/decoding, and found out that basically
> setting in ./configure --enable/disable-decoder=AMR_NB/AMR_WB command does not
> make any difference - always all files in amr folders are compiled and linked to
> the libavcodec library. In my project I was concerned about the final library
> size, so I changed this to link only required object files. However because
> there are so many different combinations (amr_nb_fixed/float, amr_wb and
> encoder/decoder), that if put everything into single amr.c file, it will be all
> in #if/#endif, and hard to read, understand and maintain. So my question is if I
> can make 4 files (amr_wb_enc.c, amr_wb_dec.c, amr_nb_enc.c, amr_nb_dec.c) out of
> this one amr.c? Or at least two - amr_dec.c and amr_enc.c (but then it also not
> that easy to follow all #ifdef's). Is it acceptable? 

Hopefully the Google Summer of Code will produce an AMR decoder, dunno
if it will produce an encoder as well, probably not.  I have no idea how
far along it is.

To get back to your question, splitting amr.c is probably not a bad
idea, although I don't have a final decision in this matter.  I'd assume
that two files are enough, though.


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