[Ffmpeg-devel] FFmpeg Roadmap

Tim Allen tim
Thu Feb 2 07:14:43 CET 2006

Colin Ward wrote:
>   So can someone say once and for all, why is it so difficult to get 
> correct pts values from .mov files when they work for all other formats?

I'm not that familiar with the ffmpeg mov demuxer, but I can make a 
general comment, which is that the frame rate and pts in a mov file tend 
to be defined in at least two, sometimes three, different places (the 
wrapper header, the track headers, and sometimes embedded in the tracks 
themselves), and in practice they don't always agree. I've seen files 
which have one or the other correct, and the other incorrect, with no 
real consistency about which is definitive. I've also seen cases where 
both are approximately correct, but different from each other, and 
neither seems to be exactly correct. So I'm not in the least surprised 
that the ffmpeg demuxer has a hard job getting it right.


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